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"This scanner is the BOMB!!! Add me to the list of artists who can now scan at full art size, with superb quality, and best of all, at an incredibly affordable price. Thanks, Terry" - MIKE ZECK

"Love the scanner! This is an awesome machine! Thanks, Terry!" - LAMBERT SHENG

"Thanks Terry the Epson is a gem for the money." - RICH D

"Excellent communication and fast transaction. The scanner runs like a dream and the images are absolutely beautiful!" - STEVEN LEE

"Great Scanner at a great price! Thanks!"

"Thanks for giving me this opportunity to purchase a great scanner at a great price!"

"Highly recommended scanner. Easy to buy. Thank you."

"I use it with VueScan in OSX and have not had any problems. It's fast and has not caused any crashes"

"The scanner is great! Huge - really fast and quiet like you said it would be." - Melissa

"The scanner is working great for our 11x17 hand-drawn graphics. It will save us hours of work" - Brent at King Design Int'l

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