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Epson 836XL Scanner Documents/Drivers

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Full documention including system requirement, available drivers, set up instructions and more are available on the Epson site.

For most folks - installing this will be a breeze.

You will need these documents to Install your scanner...

User Set Up Doc
(2.6MB PDF)

SCSI Set Up Doc
(447K PDF)

Need a SCSI to USB coverter?
Here's one made by Adaptec:
USBxchange Kit

Again - please note, although the Set Up documents mentions it, this scanner DOES NOT contain SilverFast 4.0 software. SilverFast 4.0 is now out of date and is not supported. Use *any* TWAIN compliant imageing program - including Adobe Photoshop 5 LE which DOES ship with this scanner.

If you want to update your drivers to the latest for your system - go to this page on the Epson site. This may be important for those on Windows XP or Me in particular.

For technical support - read over the TIPS on this page. If that doesn't address your issue, review the Documentation, Troubleshooting and Contact Support links on this page at the Epson site.

If you're installing this in Mac OSX, Epson just came out with a new driver for it. I haven't used it so I can't testify about it. If you prefer a third party program to scan with. No problem - VueScan is a robust scanning tool you can use to scan straight in to Photoshop or your choice of programs. Get VueScan at

These Epson Expression 836XL scanners are sealed from EPSON. Please note that although EVERY item has been tested by Epson to ensure that these items work, should you have any problems with these scanners over the next 1 year from the date or purchase, please refer to EPSON for repair.

Scanner TIPS

- Make sure your scanner is terminated correctly. If it's the only device in the "SCSI Chain", switch your termination switch to "on."

- Make sure your scanner is powered on before you boot your computer. SCSI devices required it to be on before your computer is on.
- Use a lint-free cloth to clean the surface area. Lint can show up in scans and ruin your scans.
- Register your Scanner when you get it. You can register online at

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