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Additional Help and Tips

This section is for user contributed tips on installation and troubleshooting.

NOTE: Most users have no problems installing this scanner, the SCSI card or the drivers. But because of the various operating systems and hardware configurations out there, there may be a need for additional guidance.

Full documention is available on the Epson site.

For most folks - installing this will be a breeze.

You will need these documents to Install your scanner...

User Set Up Doc
(2.6MB PDF)

SCSI Set Up Doc
(447K PDF)

Update your drivers - go to this page on the Epson site.

For technical support - review the Documentation, Troubleshooting and Contact Support links on this page at the Epson site.

If you're installing this in Mac OSX, you will need VueScan at

Additional Help And Tips from Users
Please remember that this additional help is in addition to the help you can receive from Epson's site and support them. You should be sure you've read the set up docs and followed the directions well before going to Epson for support or reading these tips below. 9 out of 10 people have no issues installing this quickly and painlessly.


Thought I'd share a bit of experience. I just got the 836XL from Terry. Its truly and incredible machine. However, set-up can be a PITA. I found out a couple of things that may be of help to others trying to make it work on their PC...

First, if after installing the included Adaptec 2903b SCSI card, plugging the scanner into the card, turning on the scanner and then turning on your computer and Windows does NOT recognize new hardware: stop, go down to your favorite computer store and buy a new SCSI card. The replacement is an Adaptec 2906 (Central Computer here in the city has them for about $55 - very cheap compared to other places). Put that card in and do your set up routine. This didn't happen to me but to my buddy Steve (who is running XP) *editor's note: many other folks haven't had that problem either - as I mentioned, these notes are for your help and may not apply to you.*.

Second, went through the install process, the card was recognized and the Adaptec drivers loaded through the Win98 CD, scanner not recognized. In checking the card in the device manager in the system menu there appeared to be a resource conflict. Apparently, Windows wants to load the scanner into IRQ9 through its dynamic resource allocator. However, the Adaptec card doesn't like IRQ9. An arcane FAQ at the Adaptec site indicates that the instructions in the setup manual are incorrect in indicating that the card needs its own IRQ, can not use an IRQ less than 9 and that it can not be shared with other devices. Well, it certainly didn't like #9 and the device manager will not allow you to change the resource to an available location. There are two ways out of this: either set the IRQ for the PCI slot in the system BIOS or turn off the windows dynamic IRQ allocator. Based on past experience, to avoid what could be a cascade problem, I set the IRQ in the BIOS to 10 from Auto (tried 12 also but the result was the same although this setting messed up the PS2 mouse). IRQ10 had two other system devices loaded beside the Adaptec card. Windows will reallocate the dynamic IRQ but this didn't pose any issues. The result was that the card was recognized without conflicts and the scanner setup can proceed. One serendipitous side benefit to this process is that the scanner does NOT have to be turned on prior to turning on your machine for it to be recognized by the system.

I'm not a tech in the computer industry but only used a healthy dose of common sense to fix the problem. Oh, and the Epson site has a TWAIN Pro update to version 2.1 that can be downloaded and installed through the software update menu. The scans come out magnificent!


I just wanted to add I had no problems setting up the scanner or card with my Windows XP but found trouble while trying to use the Twain update. I am sure I did something wrong, but to start the process it tells you to uninstall the previous setup. I did, but after downloading the update it wouldn't initialize. Not a problem since I just used Windows to jump back to the previous nights version of my computer and was up and running.
Thanks Terry the Epson is a gem for the money.


I forgot to add in my haste that its best to put the Adaptec card in a PCI slot that is not nearby occupied by another PCI based card. Especially not near, or at least seperated by one slot from the AGP video card. Adjoining slots often share IRQs. In addition, when changing the IRQ in the BIOS you will have to remember which PCI slot the Adaptec card was placed in. The slots are numbered on the motherboard.


My computer runs Windows XP, and after I downloaded the most recent drivers from the EPSON website, I hooked the included SCSI card and scanner and that's pretty much it. It runs like a dream.


Did an install today on a total different system from mine. I loaded everything as I should, however, the system would not recognize the scanner and kept giving me a message in the device manager for the SCSI card that the software was not operating properly. I went through all the procedures that I had previously mentioned and nothing seemed to work. Additionally, the DSL connect for the computer once launched would freeze the whole system necessitating a hot reboot. Only option left was to call in a voodoo doctor and have him shake chicken feathers over it. I was on the verge of chucking the card until one last obscura came to mind. I decided to take the SCSI card out of PCI slot 5 and place it in PCI slot 2 (this meant taking the
sound blaster card out of 2 and placing it in 5). Shut down the entire system and restarted. However, I first went to the BIOS and hard assigned PCI slot 2 to IRQ10 and 5 back to "auto" prior to the windows boot. Well, wonder of wonder, the system booted fine, recognized the card, software functioned properly and set up for the scanner was by the book and DSL connected. I really do not know nor understand why this worked but it did.
For some incredibly strange reason the motherboard or resource allocator simply does not like the SCSI card being located in slot 5 but loves it being in slot 2. I did not place any other card in slot 1 or 3. In both cases for my own PC and this separate install the mother boards are both ASUS. This is generally the best board there is but there is something about it that it doesn't like the SCSI card being in slot 5. I've only tried 2 so far and that's about the extent of my adventurism to get the thing working.

Finally, anyone upgrading the Twain Pro driver to version 2.1 will have to restart the system for the install to work properly. I upgraded by downloading the new drivers from the Epson site, unzipping to a directory, and then going to "upgrade driver" in the Epson 836XL device menu. After going through the wizard to load the new drivers for the 836XL, the user will have to "reboot" the system to get the new install to load and the scanner to be rerecognized by windows. Not overall a big deal just a minor PITA.

Hope this is helpful to all the PC folks out there who are stubborn like me and not upgrading to XP. I don't want my diatribe to come off as a negative, though. This scanner is a damn fine piece of machinery and worth everything I've been through to make it work. Its just that PC's are quirky.

These Epson Expression 836XL scanners are sealed from EPSON. Please note that although EVERY item has been tested by Epson to ensure that these items work, should you have any problems with these scanners over the next 1 year from the date or purchase, please refer to EPSON for repair.

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